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Suedwestdeutsche Philharmonie

The Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie contributes approximately one hundred concerts annually to the rich cultural life of the countries around the Lake Constance. As symphonic messengers, the 56 contracted musicians of the orchestra take an important place in the concert halls of southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Also included are guest appearances in numerous other European countries, as well as the Far East.

As the resident professional orchestra of Constance, the founding core of musicians have successfully championed all of the challenges and commitments in its environment, during its more than 60 year existence. Today, the artistic focal point is found in the symphony concerts, which take place monthly in the historic Konzil building in Constance.

Another important factor is the large demand for oratorio performances with choirs from the entire region. Also not to be forgotten are the concerts of "light classical music", such as the traditional New Years concert. Internationally known soloists are featured, and the overwhelming and enthusiastic crowds confirm the strong interest in such concerts which focus on cheerful and lively music.

The artistic and financial supporters of the ensemble are the state of Baden-Württemberg, the town of Constance, the district and other towns and associations around the Lake Constance region, such as friendship circles of various business enterprises in the south German area.

Constance - important cultural centre

The town of Constance is the main cultural centre on Lake Constance and offers many possibilities for free time activities.

Within its historical walls, Constance is the home of the oldest theatre in Germany with its own ensemble, museums, art galleries, libraries, small performance venues and also the Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie, who through their monthly subscription concerts in the historically important Konzil building on the harbour, attract visitors from near and far.

As a university town and residence of a training college, the old town on Lake Constance maintains a youthful atmosphere. One can partake in many sport activities and outings in some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe. The closeness to Switzerland and the Alps, the Rhine Falls and the flower island Mainau, invites one to discover and experience this region by boat, bus or even bicycle. One must not forget the culinary pleasures; to indulge in Baden cookery is a truly delectable experience ...

Constance offers much to locals as well as tourists year round. In winter, it is quiet and peaceful, and therefore all the more cheerful, lively and full of mediterranean flair in the summer. One's calendar can be easily filled with seaside parties with fireworks and numerous other festivals including the famous Lake Constance wine festival.

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