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Constance - the city to the lake

A walkabout through the old town of Constance

Constance is a town of great historical relevance. A walk through town is an encounter with many traces of past centuries of prosperity. more

Culture in Constance - there is al lot to discover

Cultural activities in Constance are widespread and multifaceted: at the theatre, with the philharmonic orchestra, at the cultural centre and in one of the many museums or simply on a walk through our marvellous landscapes. Some may be astounded at the number of free cultural institutions. Culture is big in Constance and there is a lot to discover for you. 


Constance – The business location

The international region of Lake Constance is considered to be one of the European regions of the future. It is one of the top engineering locations in Europe. A high percentage of small, flexible and highly specialized technology businesses combined with excellent services that strengthen the entire region and helps creating perfect conditions today and in the future. To act regionally always means to act internationally: cross border cooperations between Germany, Austria and Switzerland are one of the assets at Lake Constance. more

Constance has become a shopping paradise by the lake

The city of Constance has become shopper’s heaven. Citizens and guests can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, the special panache of a town that doesn’t stand still to rely on its glorious past, a town that has made its first steps into the future thanks to new economic, cultural and environmental concepts. more

Constance – City of science and education

In times of general crisis in German education, the city of Constance sets a good example of high quality standards in the Lake Constance region. The University of Constance and the University of applied Sciences, institutions of innovation and knowledge, have an excellent reputation well beyond the region. more


Shaping the future

The city of Constance takes its citizens’ concerns seriously and offers a wide range of participation opportunities. In order to master today’s problems and those of the future, the administrational and political authorities will be challenged just as much as the citizenry will be.  more 


The city of culinary delights

The region of Lake Constance is well known for its culinary delights: freshly caught whitefish, zander and Eglifilet, a fish delicacy from the lake, traditional Baden cooking, Swabian specialties, Swiss sausage salad, Tapas, Chinese food and Sushi. You will enjoy the freshly harvested local produce on your dish at premium restaurants and rustic pubs. Our regional and international cuisine is a culinary heaven for everyone. more 


Constance: Twin cities and encounters

Fontainebleau (France), Richmond (Great Britain), Lodi (Italy), Tábor (Southern Bohemia, Czech Rebuplic), Souhou (China) are twin cities of Constance, Island Nias and Pancevo (Serbia) are encounters. more 

„Regional action means international action”

- The european region of lake Constance

From a bird`s eye view it is hard to tell where one city begins and where the other one ends. They have grown together and are yet separated by a borderline: Constance on the German side and Kreuzlingen on the Swiss side of the border. Together they represent the sixth biggest town of Switzerland und the largest economic area at Lake Constance. more 

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